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Why We Need You


One of our bedrock principles is to provide the FRC experience to as many students as possible. And to do so, we need funding from various sponsors and grants.

Our total budget last year was around $42,000, which included competition registration, robot parts, transportation, marketing, meals, uniforms, etc. We require $10-20K annually for parts alone, which enables us to build multiple robots.

First, it allows as many students as possible to be involved in the build process and gain experience. Second, the robots can be used for training and demonstrations. Once competition season is complete we showcase the final competitions robot at various county STEM functions.

Kids find it quite amazing when they learn that a complex 120 pound machine was built by high school students in just six weeks. In doing this, we not only interest our own members in a STEM field career in the future, but we are beginning to grow the younger generation of engineers and helping them find their dreams.


How We Use Our Money




Why You Should Sponsor Us

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While on our team, students learn to collaborate with others and deal with limitations, such as budgets and space allocations. They can network with the mentors and and they graduate well-prepared for college and collaborative STEM work environments. The high-pressure environment of build season teaches them how to prioritize and allocate tasks and the importance of creating a plan. Not to mention the extremely difficult task of creating a robot, they learn technical skills and critical thinking. The need for leadership skills, confidence, and the ability to translate difficult technical concepts makes our students well rounded and very well equipped to contribute to the success of any company they may end up with.

We are also passionate about taking our robot to the road to engage and promote STEM. By seeing other students work the robot and participating in hands-on activities, students in other schools will be able to better understand that they too are capable of creating a machine they may barely understand at the time. We try to engage with people in the community at all levels–whether it is briefing the County Board of Education to increase STEM funding in our schools, talking to corporate executives, or teaching young kids how to manipulate our robot, we find it extremely important to encourage others to succeed as we have.


How To Become a Sponsor

If you have questions about sponsoring our team, please contact us at contact@team2537.com.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you!