We Are the Space RAIDers

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Team 2537, Space RAIDers, is a FIRST Robotics Team at Atholton High School in Columbia, Maryland.

Currently, Team 2537 is making face shields and face masks for healthcare workers.  We are making several varieties of face shield; the most sophisticated version is 3D-printed, comfortable, and re-usable (with disposable clear-plastic shields).  If you want to join in, please click on the shields or masks links above for details.

PrintWhat is FIRST?

FIRST is an organization that encourages students to learn about engineering and collaboration through their involvement in creating robots and participating in robotics competitions. FIRST aims to create an engaging and productive environment that combines cooperation and competition between different FIRST robotics teams.

FIRST: http://www.firstinspires.org/

Maryland FIRST: http://www.mdfirst.org/

Chesapeake District: http://www.firstchesapeake.org/

Last Year’s Robot


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Most of these pictures of the robot come from the preseason competitions that we competed in during Fall 2019. During these competitions, we acclimate new members to the competitive environment by using the previous game’s robot. Last year’s robot was named Neo Armstrong (Neo motors + Neil Armstrong), named by 2019 team captain Geo Lim. When competition season 2020 begins, we will post pictures of this year’s robot in action!

Interested in Our Bot?

Check out our YouTube Channel!

Want to see our robot in action? Click here to see our second YouTube channel containing videos of our bot competing!