We Are the Space RAIDers

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Team 2537, Space RAIDers, is a FIRST FRC Robotics Team at Atholton High School in Columbia, Maryland.

Team 2537 has completed the Rapid React Season and greatly enjoyed the District Championships in Hampton, VA. We are now prepping and planning for next year’s team development and training. If you are currently or will be an Atholton High School student next year and are interested in joining the team, please reach out to us through our faculty advisor Mr. Lidard (Charles_Lidard@hcpss.org) and look for our display at any upcoming Activity Fairs.

Interested in the Team even if you are not STEM focused?

FIRST and Team 2537 is more than just building robots. Let us know what you are interested in working on whether it is related to business, community service, film, engineering, social media, computer science!


PrintWhat is FIRST?

FIRST is an organization that encourages students to learn about engineering and collaboration through their involvement in creating robots and participating in robotics competitions. FIRST aims to create an engaging and productive environment that combines cooperation and competition between different FIRST robotics teams.

FIRST: http://www.firstinspires.org/

Maryland FIRST: http://www.mdfirst.org/

Chesapeake District: http://www.firstchesapeake.org/

Team 2537 Rapid React Robot

After a team vote, our Rapid React robot was named the PandaBot. The name was inspired by the elements of this year’s game – intake of balls (cargo), shooting balls into the hub, and a final climb. PandaBot – it eats shoots and climbs!

The season was impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, but the team was able to overcome these and construct a very capable robot.


Interested in Our Bot?

Check out our YouTube Channel!

Want to see our robot in action? Click here to see our second YouTube channel containing videos of our bot competing!

The above is from a few years ago. We are working to update our social media. First Chesapeake has an archive channel of the various competitions. You can check that out here: First Chesapeake Archive Also here is a link to one of our matches from Rapid React: Match