county CouncilThe outreach team conducts business and organizes team activities that do not have to do with nuts and bolts. We raise money for various charities in order to give back to our community. We also communicate with our wonderful sponsors that provide money for us to construct a robot and function as a FIRST Robotics team. Outreach focuses on organization, business, and communication. The business plan for our team functions to organize and have a budget in place for the money that we receive and spend. Overall, we reach out to benefit our community and provide for our team as they benefit us.

Read our 2014 Award Winning Business Plan: 2014RoboticsBusinessPlanFinal- Formatted March 2014- no chart

Space RAIDers 2537 is working to increase our visibility and presence in the community. In addition to the outreach events where we present our robot, and our community support activities, we have built relationships with other FRC teams for support and to achieve joint goals.

In July 2013, we had a unique opportunity to talk about FIRST to a whole new audience. We built a robotic “Luggage” for one of our sponsors to display at the North American Discworld Convention at the Baltimore Convention Center. This is a character in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book series and it worked beautifully on stage and received a standing ovation. The audience was astonished that this had been built by high schoolers, and asked a lot of questions about our FRC team.IMG_3919

In June 2013 we were invited for the second year to bring our robot to the County Technical Awards Dinner, where leaders of many technical companies in Howard County were present. We invited our sister team, Ursa Major, from Hammond High School to join us- they demo’d their 2013 robot and we used our 2012 robot. We had the opportunity to introduce the county leaders to FIRST and encouraged them to support STEM activities. We also met Scott Case, CTO of Priceline.

Also in June 2013 we were invited to present our robot as part of the FIRST exhibit at the inaugural Howard County STEM Fair. Again, we took our 2012 robot and played basketball with lots of young kids. We gave them a chance to drive and shoot. It was during this fair that we were able to talk to a County Council member and a Board of Education rep to discuss the needs for build and lab space that multiple FRC teams in Howard County need.

In March 2013 we displayed our robot at Girl Power, the annual event at APL to interest girls in STEM fields. We explained FIRST and our robot to over a thousand visitors.