Simple Low Cost Face Shield

Team 2537 has experimented with different methods of creating face shields.  The simplest approaches are documented here.  The only equipment required are scissors and a stapler.

Simplest Design:

  • Cost per shield: roughly $1 depending on where you buy your materials
  • Materials:
  • Assembly Instructions:
    • Place velcro strap 1/2″ from the 11″ edge of the film
    • Peel paper backing off foam block and place over center of velcro
    • Apply pressure to both edges of the foam block to make they stick to the film
    • Wrap straps around block for easy stacking/storage/shipping

Another simple design:

  • Cost per shield: $1.18 or less (depends on volume made)
  • Materials:
  • Assembly instructions:

1. Cut the clear vinyl sheet into 11″ x 10.75″ sheets.  The rolls are 4.5′ wide so you can create 5x 10.75″ shields for each 11″ of the roll.  Bonus points if you round the bottom corners.

2. Cut the velcro strip into 11″ lengths

3. Position velcro strips on either side of the vinyl sheet with the smooth side of the velcro on the vinyl shield and the softer fuzzier side up.  Staple the velcro to the shield; angling the staple will make things stronger:

4. Peel the paper covering the backing from the foam block and place adhesive side over the velcro, covering both staples as shown:

This is a finished shield viewed from the front (patient side):

5. Fold the velcro straps over so they attach to each other for IMG_20200408_122609
easy stacking/storage

7. Nest 8 face up and 8 face down for compact storage and shipping.IMG_20200408_145424

Other similar designs:

  • A well-documented version (including McMaster part numbers) is here.
  • How to assemble a similar design is shown in this video.