Past Games


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This competition takes place on Planet Primus, with two alliances of 3 teams each competing at once. The two alliances compete to fill their cargo ships and repair their spaceships. Each round lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds, with the first 15 seconds occurring during a “sandstorm” when the robot can be controlled either autonomously or remotely with the drivers only able to see through a robot-mounted camera.



Based around the old 8-bit arcade games, the goal of the game is to gain points by climbing, moving cubes to gain ownership of the Scale and Switches, and using cubes to enable Power Ups. Defeat the boss, and win the game!

Steamworks – 2017

2017 FIRST STEAMworks workshop image

Score points by collecting fuel (balls) and pushing or throwing them into the boiler via high and low efficiency goals. Grab a gear and deliver it to the pilot on the airship. Get enough gears and the pilot can crank up the rotors. Have your robot up the ropes by the end of the game and the alliance receives bonus points that count toward the final score of the match.

Stronghold – 2016


The objective of this game is to score points by traversing defenses and scoring “boulders” in the stronghold. At the end of the game, robots are encouraged to either station in front of the opponents tower or potentially climb it for even more points. Ranking Points are earned by winning a game, destroying 4 opposing defenses, and scoring 8 times in the other stronghold.

Recycle Rush – 2015


The objective of this game is to score points by stacking totes and crowning the stacks with green recycling bins. In this competition Coopertition® points are earned by both teams combining to stack 4 yellow totes in the middle of the arena. Pool noodles are used to add points to a stack or to gain points by littering the opponent’s side to earn points.

Aerial Assist – 2014


The objective of the challenge is to score points by either shooting the ball through the high goal, or shooting it in the low goal. Points can also be scored by passing the ball back and forth throughout the three sections of the field. Each ball that is shot into a hot goal will add an extra 5 points for that team. In addition, any robot that moves from the white zone to their own zone(after autonomous) will receive an extra 5 points for their team. Throwing a ball over the truss will give the team 10 points.

Ultimate Ascent – 2013


The objective of the challenge is to score points by launching as many discs into goals as possible. Additional points are added if discs are scored in Autonomous instead of in TeleOp. Points can also be scored by climbing pyramids located near the middle of the field at the end of the match. The higher a robot climbs, the more points it earns.

Rebound Rumble – 2012


The objective of the challenge is to score points by shooting as many basketballs into their hoops as possible. The higher the hoop that a ball is scored in, the more points awarded. The match starts with a hybrid period, in which up to one robot on each team may be controlled through the use of a Microsoft Kinect while the other robots operate independently of their driver’s inputs. Basketballs scored during this period are worth extra points. The game ends with robots attempting to balance on bridges located at the middle of the field.

Logo Motion – 2011


The objective of the challenge is to score points by hanging as many plastic shapes on their grids as possible.

Break Away- 2010

The main theme for this year’s challenge is soccer. There are three sections of the field, divided by bumps that robots are allowed to drive over. Another way that robots can cross from section to section is through a small tunnel located in the center of each bump. Rails from the driver stations are connected to towers on the field that allow the soccer balls to roll down, and re-enter the game. Robots score points by kicking or rolling balls into the goals at each end. points can also be scored by hanging from one of the towers in the end of the match. Take a look at the animation video, and other game play videos by selecting the links below.

Lunacy- 2009

The objective of this competition is to get as many moon rocks, super cells, and empty cells into the opposing team’s trailers as possible. Human players try to throw the balls into the trailers to score points for their team. The surface of the field is made of a slick polymer material in order to give the robots less traction with the ground ( named regolith). Also, the whole field is called the crater, to contribute to the moon theme. Check out the links below for an animate explanation and an action packed video of our robot practicing.