Face Shields

Team 2537 is producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.  We are producing several types of face shields including disposable and partially re-usable types.  The design files and instructions are below:

Partially reusable face shield:IMG_20200331_115442

  • Download and print this STL file for the 3D printable headband/Visor
  • Cut a 1″-wide by 28″ long strip of one-wrap velcro (from amazon) or fabric; this goes through the belt-loops in the visor to secure it to the head.
  • Create a clear plastic face shield using one of the following:
    • Standard 8.5″ x 11″ transparency paper (from amazon)
    • 16mil vinyl sheet (from Home Depot) cut to 11″ x 10.75″ for a thicker shield
    • 20-mil vinyl sheet (from MarineVinylFabric) cut to 11″ x 10.75″ (thickest)
  • Use a standard 3-hole punch (amazon: here) to make 3-holes in the 11″ side

A simpler/faster 3D-printable design
This design is really meant to be disposable but can be re-used.  It’s not as nice/comfortable, but it works OK, prints much faster and with less material, and does not require the velcro/fabric straps.  It also uses a 3-hole punch to create/attach the shield material.

Fully disposable face shield
This is the simplest/fastest and does not require a 3D printer, just scissors.

You can see A well-documented version (including McMaster part numbers) is here.
You can see how to assemble them in this video.